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The company currently has a number of modern production lines, multiple sets / sets of international, domestic advanced emulsification, sterilization, inspection and testing equipment, with a variety of creams, toiletries, beauty products and production conditions and capabilities. The annual production output can reach tens of millions, and the factory can not only produce various shapes, specifications, varieties of cosmetics.

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Bolichen Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2009, BOLICHEN is a listed company with more than 1000 employees and 65 production lines, which supply sanitizer products, skin care and health care products to all over the world. We are one of the high-technology enterprise of China while we have our self-own import-export license.

Factory laboratory
The huge R&D team is supporting and constantly developing excellent classic products. Establish laboratories in overseas branches such as the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia to increase research and development of new products and technologies.

The Berkshire Biotechnology R&D Center and the French Xianting Innovation Lab have jointly established a 800 square meter modern laboratory with a central laboratory, a plant extraction laboratory, a physical and chemical testing room, a product experience room, and an irritating laboratory. High-end cosmetic laboratories such as microbial challenge room and efficacy test room have gathered a large number of outstanding experts in the fields of chemistry, biology and traditional Chinese medicine, and have carried out technology with famous domestic and foreign research institutes, medical institutions and universities. Cooperation, continuous introduction of new concepts, new technologies, new products, and innovation, to provide customers with a broad choice of space and strong competitiveness.

Bolicen is committed to excavating the mystery of formula, bringing international cosmetic raw materials, technology and experience to domestic cosmetics industry professionals, and providing cutting-edge unique innovative raw materials, formulas and concepts, with the goal of becoming a source of inspiration for professionals in the cosmetics industry. Bolicen invests 10-15% of its profits every year, and applies it to technology research and development, in which the introduction of cutting-edge equipment occupies a significant proportion. The number of first-class instruments and equipment is up to 40, which can carry out routine physical and chemical testing, chemical testing, safety testing, efficacy testing, and microbiological testing in a comprehensive, targeted and highly accurate manner.

GMPC 100,000 class clean room International R&D technology system Professional formula system Automated production line Comprehensive inspection quality


01-Malaysia factory

Overseas Malaysian production base Bolicen invested more than 2 million in Malaysia's overseas factories, which has made a qualitative leap in the development of soft and hard factories, and achieved a new span of marketing. With more than a dozen professional self-operated brand training developments, it now has hundreds of agent brands, and its business has expanded to overseas markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

02-Chinese factory

消字号, makeup number production workshop base The production workshop of Ruihe Xiaozi and Makeup No. has been built into the Xiaozi workshop of Bolicen, and the workshop of makeup type covers an area of about 1600 square meters. The 100,000-level clean room has obtained the production license for the cosmeceutical production and the production license for the consumption type. Production of skin care products, private care products, shoulder and neck series, as well as sterilization, sterilization and deodorization products.

03-Foshan Shengshida Base

Bolicen will establish an international medical standard production base in Sanshui, Foshan, Guangdong, covering an area of 75 acres, all designed in strict accordance with GMP standards, achieving a medical purification standard of 100,000 grades, and has the world's most advanced automated production line. With the research and development of organic health products and organic high-end cosmetics as the center, the annual production capacity can exceed several hundred thousand.
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